10 Mar 2012

Rights and Wrongs

The country is broken. No beating around the bush there is no respect left between strangers anymore, no trust or good samaritans, bar the army kind. We live in a society these days where it OK to swear and hurl abuse at Police Officers. When did the respect for the local bobby disappear? I think I can map a path from our destruction and the route cause was USA.

I know you may be thinking this is a big leap but hear me out. Back in the late 90's a craze hit the UK from The States which was the culture of suing. If you have been sold an item a day past the use by date then sue the supermarket. Someone crash into you and it's their fault, Sue them! You have a right!!

People may have a right to seek financial renumeration when they are severely at loss but the Suing Culture became ridiculous. Councils being sued for wonky paving slabs that people fall over, Companies being sued when someone slips on a wet floor which didn't have a sign! People were suing innocent people when they did nothing or very little wrong. Apologies seemed to no longer be accepted as enough. Unfortunately this culture brought about changes to prevent these companies ever having to payout at court cases or settle for large amounts prior to cases. These changes are what we know now to be Health and Safety.

Health and safety came about due to No Win No Fee solicitors taking up any case of mishap which occurred where someone might be to blame. Which is where the disrespect started to appear. Blame. Police officers started to get the blame for arresting "the wrong person" and always get called "useless" and this disrespect for the police has filtered down thought the generations. This coupled with the rise in drink and drug consumption has brought us to where we are today. So the only further thing I wish to say is thank you United States, respect everyone as you wish to be respected and lay off the drink!

5 Mar 2012

Loss of a Hero

A lot of things going on this week so wasn't able to do a new post this week so I thought I would dedicate this weeks post to a fallen hero...

RIP PC David Rathband

PC Rathband was the survivor of two gunshots to the head by the mad gunman Raoul Moat. From the word go PC Rathband showed his bravery by telling his family to release a picture of him with his injuries to the press to help in the capture of the fleeing criminal.

PC Rathband was the worse victim of Raoul Moat's rampage as he was the only one still alive and having to live with the mental torment. A lot of things were publicised as a result of what his brother thought was PTSD including PC Rathband splitting his marriage to his wife.

It is thought that PC Rathband took his own life and we can only speculate but I for one would not be able to say that I could have faired better than that man in the circumstances and pressure he had been under.

My thoughts are with the family of PC Rathband and I implore you to look at his charity PC David Rathbands Blue Lamp Foundation which help injured officers and their family's...

Rest in peace fallen hero...